About Me

Ben Lovegrove - Voiceovers, videos, online courses

I have been working in the information technology industry for thirty years. I started out as a network technician, then moved on to the role of network engineer. I am now a senior network engineer for a global telecommunications company.

I started recording voiceovers a few years ago by developing a YouTube channel. The YouTube channel now has more than 15,000 subscribers and contains hundreds of videos that showcase many aspects of aviation.

I recorded internal training courses for my employer and this led me to offer my services as a freelancer.

My work experience in the IT industry has given me the skills to provide voiceovers in English for all internal or external training courses, especially for audiences in other countries outside the UK and in other places where English is not the first language.

I continually seek to improve the quality of my services by completing continuous training and practicing new techniques.


Now that you know a little more about me, tell me about your needs and requirements.


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